Friday, 23 March 2012

Yay, it's spring!

The sun is shining and it feels so lovely and warm outside: spring is here!

 Especially for Sing, Samber, Tig, Sadie, Brooke and Sonic (Skye's daddy, mummy, sisters and brother), here are some new pictures of Skye.

Skye likes a little sunbathing! 


And a bit of cooling down in the house ;) 

Do I smell cheese???


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Our first agility competition

I guess I'm not a great blogger. Especially since I'm more active on facebook... 
But hey, we've finally started competing in agility. So why not post a video of our first competition here in the Netherlands. Skye is doing a really nice job, I'm very proud of her. I still have lots to learn as a handler though, hahaha! I almost changed at the wrong place and even though I corrected myself I pushed Skye around the jump.

We did some more runs, but unfortunately I don't have videos of those. 

 In between we relaxed and watched the others compete. We had a great day. Can't wait until we can compete again in a few weeks time!