Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Wordless Wednesday #3

3rd Winter Competition show

Last Sunday we had another Winter competition show. As a team we're doing pretty well! We're second in the overall competition so far. At this show we started out very promising. We won the jumping! The whole team together that is ;) I was 13th (out of over a hundred competitors, large, medium and small), two other team members came 3rd and 5th.

The relay went pretty well too. Unfortunately I had some trouble at the weave poles once again. We really have to figure this one out. At training we do very well, but at a show Skye seems to be so overexcited, that she can only bark like crazy at me by the time we get to the weaves... But even though I had one fault in my run, we still came 4th as a team!

We ended the day with the agility course. Pfew, did we make a mess of that as a team. Two members got disqualified, another member had two faults and Skye and me had three faults. Well, at least we managed to finish the course. We started out very well. I was a bit worried I wouldn't be able to cross in front of Skye at the tunnel at the back of the course. But she did very well and ran into it quite independently. So the blind cross went well, but I somehow wasn't clear enough towards Skye about the dogwalk, because she completely missed it. Which I saw a bit late, so we had to run back and do it again. I think this made her go a bit crazy again, as we missed the weave entry too. Such a shame as we started out so nicely. But I guess I learned a few lessons again. Hopefully I still remember them by the next competition, hahaha!

 Our jumping and agility video.

Our team relay.

And a picture of Skye with her trophies of course ;)